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Giant Spider in Canada

Art, of course. And some natural art.




Travel photos

Delica Van in China

A real van model in China. One handed opening!

Breitling Granite

My favorite timepiece, ring, and use of ceramic.

meiji jingu

Somewhat ‘shopped photo in Harajuku in Tokyo. I love that place in the early morning.


Dinner last night

Bamboo clam, snails, chicken feet, scallops, some crawfish like thing, veggies, and noodles.


Random shots from tradeshows!

The first three weeks of January have been quite travel-y. This is shaping up to be a busy year, but I can’t complain (compared the the alternative!) My new job is still in high tech, so that means fun places like Vegas!


For the first time in years I actually walked the strip one night and saw all the freebie touristy things in the major hotels. It was nostalgic but cold.

waiting for fountain

All these shots were taken on the convenient-but-horrible iphone camera, so apologies.


From the Hilton

And San Francisco!
MBW Panel @ MWE2008

Here’s the whole Macbreak Weekly panel close enough to heckle. Alex, Leo, Merlin, Andy, Chris, and Scott. It was my first Macworld and a total blast. I hope I have many returns there.



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green, originally uploaded by Rorschach.

The green building is awesome.



  • Train station in Antwerp.
  • Fine Beers abound.
  • :][: