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House moving

Do not beĀ alarmed. You’ve been redirected.

It’s time. The domain renewal fees, low traffic, and hosting charges lead me to the decision to move this blog over to a free platform. Sorry for any inconvenience, I still want to keep the archive and post from time to time.
Blue on Red
Cheers :][:


Twittering my EDC experiment

I am going to twitter my EDC when I can remember it. Trying a new widget on the right ->

Yes, this may be, perhaps, the most boring twittter feed ever. Knife-navel gazing.

Twitter is so flaky though I am not sure how long this will last.


Massive cleanup

Wow. The archive of this site had issues. Today I had the equivalent experience of walking into your attic and discovering an entire wall missing.

Somehow when I changed over from moveable type to wordpress, EVERY post that had quotes, an apostrophe, or non-standard text formatting was screwed up. Pictures were missing, comments blown away, and huge blocks of text gone. I pieced it back together with the help of my own backups and the internet wayback machine.

Sorry, I think its been messed up for quite some time. Anyway, all fixed now. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Stay tuned…

Changed hosting companies and trying to re-import everything! All the while traveling!Thanks…:][: