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Bright, cool, economical.

First Fenix. I put this off a while as I cannot imagine WHY the HELL I need another flashlight, but some residual paypal funds had been languishing and I thought why not?


  • pretty inexpensive for what you get
  • CREE goodness
  • multiple settings including low, high, and strobe
  • the HIGH is most impressive for a AAA light
  • only slightly larger than my beloved ARC AAA (but much brighter)
  • split ring stand up flat end!




    • Hard anodizing seems… thin. I am not sure how rugged its going to be over time and pocket carry
    • The pocket clip that comes with it is ridiculously chintzy and lame, unusable
    • the ghey-skull-paracord-lanyard is my own terrible creation, do not blame Fenix for this one