Circa 2003

Yeah, I carry the collectibles some times.





Retrakt Pen by Karas

As a lefty, finding the right ink that flows well and doesn’t smear to my claw is an evergreen quest. One of my favorites is the lowly pilot g2, but the pen chassis are, shall we say, of finite durability. When I saw the kickstarter campaign for a machine shop pen which holds g2 refills, it was an auto purchase.

Rugged good looks, light weight, smooth action. I don’t think I’ll be breaking this clip any time soon.



My new favorite

1977 Gillette adjustable. Very mild. Awesome for everyday. I use feather blades.


Hong Kong photos

one of my favorite cities on the earth…
the sights, the food, the people.

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Bespoke shoes, Hong Kong style

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I’ve used a Hong Kong tailor for years, with good to great results at reasonable prices, but I have always wanted to get a pair of custom shoes made.
I finally made the plunge.

The first step was to measure and trace my feet (I am standard 9, but have a bit of a wide toe box requirement although I am not a 9 Wide.)
I selected the style and leather.
Second step was a set of “cloth” shoes with the real soles made in about a day which the cobbler marked up with notes and lines dictating the appropriate closure at the top etc.
Final fitting was near perfect. He then highly polished the final product and I was out the door with shoes that “fit like gloves.”

Pricey, but Recommended. About the same price as a good pair of Allen Edmonds. (he did have shell cordovan leather, but only in Black. His stock was from France.)



I carry this more often than most.
AUS8 may be the best compromise steel. (for me)


House moving

Do not beĀ alarmed. You’ve been redirected.

It’s time. The domain renewal fees, low traffic, and hosting charges lead me to the decision to move this blog over to a free platform. Sorry for any inconvenience, I still want to keep the archive and post from time to time.
Blue on Red
Cheers :][:

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Wearing white before Labor Day


Spyderco style