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My new favorite

1977 Gillette adjustable. Very mild. Awesome for everyday. I use feather blades.



Mergress: the Merkur Progress modified expertly

Sometimes an excellent product can be improved upon by a conscientious modder.
Such is the case with the Merkur Progress. Sent to the crafty studio of Mer, what comes out the other side is a heftier, yet more precise and manageable Progress. The weight and length are now perfect.


The original plastic adjustment knob is now replaced by a weighty, chrome, beautiful mechanism.



Safety Razor Shaving Drive-by reviews

Checking in on my new hobby, budget wise. Wanted to share.

So I decided to tally my initial damages and drive-by reviews as a newb:

VDH Soap and Boar Brush: $10
Brush works well, I like the scrubbing action. Loses hair somewhat (1~2 per shave)
VDH Soap also works well but alas the scent will relegate it to emergency or mix-in use only now that I have better things.

Col Conk’s Bay Rum Soap: $4.85
Love it. Smoooooth. Good smell. (yeah I will wear Creed one day and Old Spice the next, so what? )

Parker 99R: $31.88
My first DE, a beautiful TTO with good heft. Love it. No problems.

Merkur Progress: $48.91
Bought this soon after, for me its even better than the 99R, but thats the fiddly engineer inside me loving the ability to adjust the blade. My every day shave now.

Blade Sampler: $21
will take me a long time to work through all these. No losers yet but only noticing variability in # of good shaves.

AOS creams (2) Lavender and Sandalwood: $28
Both of these work very well, like the Sandalwood best.

Proraso tube: $10.75
Fantastic stuff. Great shaves, I like the smell.

The Body Shop synthetic brush: $11
snagged in an airport as travel option, have not used yet.

Parker Silvertip Badger Brush: $59.88
My first badger. Its far superior to the boar for me, lathering machine, love it. Wish it was slightly stiffer.

Brushed metal “toothbrush” stand from Meijer: $9
on a whim. looks nice

Ceramic wide coffee mug: free from my cabinet
Best possible starter lathering bowl, right under my nose

CO Bigelow small tube, green: free from B&BW sale (wifey got more expensive items)
Haven’t used yet, know I will love it, q.v. Proraso

Now on order: TABAC in bowl $13.99
gotta see what the fuss is about

So, in two months this crazy new hobby has cost me: about $250

Wow. Thats… so… not bad! compared to my past hobbies!! Now to be sure its frivolous and a lot of money, but what a fun way to get a lot of stuff (most of it was acquired via Christmas gift money.) I shudder to think about watches and knives Acquisition Disorders in the past.


Double Edge Habit

A better, sharper, morning ritual

Uh oh. Now I’ve gone and done it. It was only a matter of time I suppose. Love of sharp things leads to all manner of matter separation. I’ve always been a wet shaver, but had fallen prey to the ever more ridiculous multi-bladed cartridge and canned goo parade.

But now… I have awakened. Anachronistic double-edged safety razors.
After only 4 double-edge shaves, I am now getting the closest, most mindful, and enjoyable shaves of my life.


My starter kit is a Parker 99R, some Shark blades, a cheap boar brush from Walgreens, and inexpensive Van Der Hagen soap (its… ummm… OK for now.)


for a little finishing luxury (post shave balm of course, and not on the face!) a bit of Green Irish Tweed, a fantastic gift from Mrs. Rorschach for Christmas.


More blades en route via USPS. Yikes this could get expensive 🙂