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Happy little mountain maker

Hey it’s been a while. Got some Christmas gifts to cover coming up…

but first:  a bonafide Bob Ross palette knife. I haven’t tried scraping down some majestic mountains yet but hope to in the coming weeks.




Fire bringer

You can’t have too many EDC lights. High color index means true seeing +2.



Retrakt Pen by Karas

As a lefty, finding the right ink that flows well and doesn’t smear to my claw is an evergreen quest. One of my favorites is the lowly pilot g2, but the pen chassis are, shall we say, of finite durability. When I saw the kickstarter campaign for a machine shop pen which holds g2 refills, it was an auto purchase.

Rugged good looks, light weight, smooth action. I don’t think I’ll be breaking this clip any time soon.



Hong Kong photos

one of my favorite cities on the earth…
the sights, the food, the people.

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House moving

Do not be alarmed. You’ve been redirected.

It’s time. The domain renewal fees, low traffic, and hosting charges lead me to the decision to move this blog over to a free platform. Sorry for any inconvenience, I still want to keep the archive and post from time to time.
Blue on Red
Cheers :][:

Happy Easter 2011


May your basket be overfull with joy.


From one essential to another

Some may ask, as I have slowed in knife collecting, what is taking my time/funds/attention lately.

I work on the business side of technology. Sales/Marketing/Business Development if you will. I have always had a need for dress clothes; it’s expected in certain countries like Japan and Korea, and now becoming more vogue again even in the western hemisphere.

I also work many days from home, where there is no dress code. But as I get older, I find the urges to wear uber-casual comfy clothing diminish. What used to feel like rebellion or freedom now just seems sloppy. Having about 40% of my career and travels require dressing like a grownup I find myself making the transition to that mode almost every day, and enjoying it.

I actually had a supercilious boss who told me once that “clothing is an investment” and despite my distrust, there is truth to the trope.

AE Bayfield boots

One area in which I never skimp is shoes. I bought my first two pair of quality italian dress shoes in 1997 and only recently retired them, due more to fashion vagaries than wear. (quite frankly I am sure they still have many many years left in them and could easily be re-crafted, they have been around the world dozens of times.)

Allen Edmonds F/W 2010

Now I tend to prefer more simple and classic designs, and these two recent acquisitions from Allen Edmonds are arguably the nicest shoes I have ever owned, yet not the most expensive. Made in the USA (!!) which is also very cool.

AE Park Ave

I’m not going to turn this into a fashion or style blog (lord knows I have little sense of either and there are plenty of great entries in that space) but I will from time to time post about items of quality when the notion strikes me.

Pictured above are the AE Bayfield and AE Park Avenue. I got them recently on sale and expect years of fine service.


Happy Independence Day!

Great 4th of July wishes to you all.
Be safe. Have fun. Love Freedom.

I'll review the PPT later


Nerd Service 2: iPad bag

Being a frequent traveler and a tragically early adopter of gadgets, I looked with interest to the iPad’s launch. The idea of taking a small, light, and fast device on business trips instead of my 3 year old heavy macbook pro was a no brainer.
I just completed my first iPad-only business trip, and I can honestly declare the iPad a success as a laptop replacement for me.

But I had another problem, my ECD briefcase is a large Tom Bihn affair (which I love) but is far to big for the iPad. So I had to look around for options on small bags for a device that did not have many tailor made solutions on the market yet.

Enter LeSportsac. Yes, that weird, “who shops there?”, effete, brand. I have been a closet Lesportsac fan for years for a few reasons that you might not guess looking at their current line:
1. their stuff is so lightweight that its almost invisible to the aggregate burden
2.its durable as hell (I have a shaving kit from them that is going on 20 years old. my only maintenance is to throw it in the washing machine from time to time)
3. most of the bags a guy would use come in basic black. (not all of their stuff is trippy paisley)

So without further ado, here is my chosen ECD iPad bag: the LeSportsac Small Utility Messenger


(first pic from ebags)

Its good, nice price, decent padding, lightweight, some pockets for extraneous stuff. wears well crossbody or off the shoulder. Here are some shots for relative size.




the only cons, I wish it had:
1. a pen loop somewhere
2. a handle at the top for the times when you do not want to use the long shoulder strap

But those are pretty minor.

So for now, this is my new iPad friendly minimalist briefcase.


Just some travel shots

Back from a 16 day trip. Some random shots.


I love Tokyo. Like tomorrowland everywhere you look.

fancy tea

Ordinary drink vending machine.

jinro fresh

BBQ Duck in Seoul. One of the culinary highlights of the trip.


You know, the dragon. The one with the wings. And the Antlers. And the elephant snout. Yeah that one. (near Penang)



Tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. One amazing place I never expected to visit in my lifetime. Near the equator yet at higher altitude, it remains cool all year round. Nice.