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Happy 2010

Here’s to a 2010 that finds you happy, healthy, and prosperous!

2009 ended with the solar atomic 6900 from my folks, a lovely G1000D from Mrs Rorschach, and a Spyderco Terzuola Slipit from, well, myself!


Haven’t carried the slipit enough yet to review it, but its a beauty.





the watch so nice I bought it twice

MIIW Riseman.
Not sure what happens as you get older. 10 years ago you could not have paid me to wear a white plastic watch. Sure I wore a black G Shock back then, but only as a casual watch.

I think one of the benefits of age-accreted wisdom is the ability to shrug off worrying about what people “think” of you and just be yourself. Or even someone else for a day. Guess how many times someone has commented on the fact that I was wearing a white watch? That would be zero.

(If GW-9200 had a compass in the same footprint it would be perfect)

White Riseman

ice white riseman

True EDC

These two are unshakable for the past many months. I have tried switching out experimentally on certain days, but these two are perfection for me presently.


Caly3 CF

Riseman Eye



The Morning Team

Now that its warmer, I try to get outside more for my morning brisk walk. Here’s my usual take-along: Protrek and Caly Jr.

morning walk

The Protrek has nice big numbers, tells me the time while I am timing my walk simultaneous with the stopwatch display, and the compass + barometer helps me determine whether the rain clouds on the horizon are coming my way or retreating,

The FRN Caly Jr is laser sharp, lightweight (my cell phone weighs a lot more), unassuming, but there if I need it.




Me and my daughters getting ready for a Sunday walk.
The blue Baby-G is the most accurate non-atomic watch I have ever seen. (probably because my daughter wears it 24/7)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2009

some green for st pats


Great game.

Some more GIEZ shots

Perhaps it has to do with having an engineering background, but there’s something cool about an all analog watch that has a slew of digital features. On my last trip to Japan I picked up a GIEZ. It syncs with the atomic clocks in Colorado and Japan, has a full stopwatch, world time (dual time zones), an alarm, and the best feature of all, it runs on solar power. This is the kind of watch that you MUST read the manual to master, but some of us engineers like to read manuals.

GIEZ close



Macworld + CES loadout


Lets see, this is my 19th CES in a row (!!) and 2nd Macworld (and likely last).

Not a heavily tactical environment but I will choose 2 favorites for this trip. The new Dragonfly and the Riseman.

(and good shoes)


Happy New Year 2009

This blog is necessarily materialistic, its kinda hard to take photos of familial love, health, spiritual calm, etc. So here are some of my favorite materialistic things from 2008. And here’s wishing that your 2009 is better than ever in non-material goodness.

good stuff

Cast: Riseman GW9200, Kindle, CF Caly 3, Feinx L0D, Lumix LX3, Montblanc Starwalker