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Bespoke shoes, Hong Kong style

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I’ve used a Hong Kong tailor for years, with good to great results at reasonable prices, but I have always wanted to get a pair of custom shoes made.
I finally made the plunge.

The first step was to measure and trace my feet (I am standard 9, but have a bit of a wide toe box requirement although I am not a 9 Wide.)
I selected the style and leather.
Second step was a set of “cloth” shoes with the real soles made in about a day which the cobbler marked up with notes and lines dictating the appropriate closure at the top etc.
Final fitting was near perfect. He then highly polished the final product and I was out the door with shoes that “fit like gloves.”

Pricey, but Recommended. About the same price as a good pair of Allen Edmonds. (he did have shell cordovan leather, but only in Black. His stock was from France.)


From one essential to another

Some may ask, as I have slowed in knife collecting, what is taking my time/funds/attention lately.

I work on the business side of technology. Sales/Marketing/Business Development if you will. I have always had a need for dress clothes; it’s expected in certain countries like Japan and Korea, and now becoming more vogue again even in the western hemisphere.

I also work many days from home, where there is no dress code. But as I get older, I find the urges to wear uber-casual comfy clothing diminish. What used to feel like rebellion or freedom now just seems sloppy. Having about 40% of my career and travels require dressing like a grownup I find myself making the transition to that mode almost every day, and enjoying it.

I actually had a supercilious boss who told me once that “clothing is an investment” and despite my distrust, there is truth to the trope.

AE Bayfield boots

One area in which I never skimp is shoes. I bought my first two pair of quality italian dress shoes in 1997 and only recently retired them, due more to fashion vagaries than wear. (quite frankly I am sure they still have many many years left in them and could easily be re-crafted, they have been around the world dozens of times.)

Allen Edmonds F/W 2010

Now I tend to prefer more simple and classic designs, and these two recent acquisitions from Allen Edmonds are arguably the nicest shoes I have ever owned, yet not the most expensive. Made in the USA (!!) which is also very cool.

AE Park Ave

I’m not going to turn this into a fashion or style blog (lord knows I have little sense of either and there are plenty of great entries in that space) but I will from time to time post about items of quality when the notion strikes me.

Pictured above are the AE Bayfield and AE Park Avenue. I got them recently on sale and expect years of fine service.