Wednesday, August 21st, 2002

This is a small showcase of edged instruments that I have been collecting for more than a year now. I am not a big knife user by profession. I am a marketing/business development exec in a high technology company. I use knives for the mundane: open mail, boxes, packages, food, etc. but I tend towards the ergonomics and quality of Spyderco blades. Many of these were acquired through various web shops, and some from a small shop in Shibuya, Japan.Let’s begin with some history on how this terrible habit got started:I worked with a guy who carried a Spyderco Military, and of course my first reaction was “sweet Jesus why do you need that thing?” It wasn’t long before I remembered the usefulness of having a pocket knife, and I resurrected an old Japanese POS that I carried as a boy. After a while, I discovered that a pocket knife is truly Sine qua non for myriad daily tasks, as vital as a watch or pen and paper.

Here was my first (very old) pocket knife. Abused, scratched, water damage on the wood scales. Ironically it has the word SHARP written on the blade. It isn’t.

Knives sure have changed since I was a kid, and the focus now is on performance and quality. Most come with a 2 new and invaluable features: the pocket clip and one-handed opening. No more fishing around through change/keys/etc. to find the blade.

Enjoy your visit to the House.


  1. Hi Rorschach, Love the blog. Been sitting here for hours reading through the archives. Can you do me a favor and shoot me a quick email? Feel free to delete this comment. Thanks!


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