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A classic, reborn

Heh, double bonus today. I found this entry (from Jan 2009!!) sitting in the Marsedit draft folder. So here it is:

Wow, seems like its been a while since we had a real Spyderco entry, eh? Fear not, as several months of waiting has paid off as one of my favorite Spyderco’s has arrived.

The ZDP Lum


Happy Father’s Day!

A lovely surprise from my inspiring kids: the G10 Dragonfly. I had put this on a wish list ages ago and somehow they found it and bought one.

Suffice to say along with the CF Caly3 this will be in permanent and frequent rotation.








I love these wire clips, they really de-emphasize the “knife in the pocket” look.

One interesting note, the bevel shoulders near the choil are narrow a bit uneven. Easy to fix on the Sharpmaker.

Happy Fathers Day to all Dads out there!