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A better, sharper, morning ritual

Uh oh. Now I’ve gone and done it. It was only a matter of time I suppose. Love of sharp things leads to all manner of matter separation. I’ve always been a wet shaver, but had fallen prey to the ever more ridiculous multi-bladed cartridge and canned goo parade.

But now… I have awakened. Anachronistic double-edged safety razors.
After only 4 double-edge shaves, I am now getting the closest, most mindful, and enjoyable shaves of my life.


My starter kit is a Parker 99R, some Shark blades, a cheap boar brush from Walgreens, and inexpensive Van Der Hagen soap (its… ummm… OK for now.)


for a little finishing luxury (post shave balm of course, and not on the face!) a bit of Green Irish Tweed, a fantastic gift from Mrs. Rorschach for Christmas.


More blades en route via USPS. Yikes this could get expensive 🙂



Merry Christmas 2010 from RHOS

Merry Christmas 2010. The Caly3 has been my mainstay most of this year. Best EDC ever.

2010 Xmas Caly3