Monthly Archives: August 2010

2010. The count is one.

Yup, only one new knife this year, and it was a gift!
My collecting has obviously slowed. Many reasons: economics, new/different interests, & saturation. I have SO many fine user pieces that its hard to justify new acquisitions.

But. Sometimes they get me.


Perrin PPT. Haven’t carried much but here is the quick review.


+ Deeeeeeeep carry clip (excellent)
+ almost wharncliffe edge
+ unique grooved G10
+ nice paracord lanyard
+ S30V
+ interesting oversized choil
+ smooth action (nice work TW!)

– a bit heavy (this is a pro for many, but not me)
– clip cannot really be flipped for lefty carry despite claims)- there is no groove to seat the clip on the opposite side. This seems like an oversight.


So its a very nice piece from a legendary designer for a great price. Win. I will carry this more in the winter when it wont weigh down summer shorts