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Nerd Service 2: iPad bag

Being a frequent traveler and a tragically early adopter of gadgets, I looked with interest to the iPad’s launch. The idea of taking a small, light, and fast device on business trips instead of my 3 year old heavy macbook pro was a no brainer.
I just completed my first iPad-only business trip, and I can honestly declare the iPad a success as a laptop replacement for me.

But I had another problem, my ECD briefcase is a large Tom Bihn affair (which I love) but is far to big for the iPad. So I had to look around for options on small bags for a device that did not have many tailor made solutions on the market yet.

Enter LeSportsac. Yes, that weird, “who shops there?”, effete, brand. I have been a closet Lesportsac fan for years for a few reasons that you might not guess looking at their current line:
1. their stuff is so lightweight that its almost invisible to the aggregate burden
2.its durable as hell (I have a shaving kit from them that is going on 20 years old. my only maintenance is to throw it in the washing machine from time to time)
3. most of the bags a guy would use come in basic black. (not all of their stuff is trippy paisley)

So without further ado, here is my chosen ECD iPad bag: the LeSportsac Small Utility Messenger


(first pic from ebags)

Its good, nice price, decent padding, lightweight, some pockets for extraneous stuff. wears well crossbody or off the shoulder. Here are some shots for relative size.




the only cons, I wish it had:
1. a pen loop somewhere
2. a handle at the top for the times when you do not want to use the long shoulder strap

But those are pretty minor.

So for now, this is my new iPad friendly minimalist briefcase.