Monthly Archives: September 2008

G-Shock bug

As I wait for new knife inspiration (backordered on the Black Lum) I have once again gotten bitten by the G-Shock bug. Here’s some recent shots of more watches than anyone could need. (Interestingly, G-Shocks are in about the same price range as the knives I collect, and just as silly to own so many.)

25 anniversary G Shock-recolor

25 Anniversary old skool G in dawn black.


Baby-G I bought for Mrs. Rorschach’s birthday. She loves it.


Some new storage units from my new friend kiwiDJ in Japan.


And finally the solar atomic riseman. I Luuurve the barometer feature, being a weather geek and someone who moved from a place of no-weather (OC) to a place of much weather (midwest).

More to come…




My humble collection of G-Shocks. I know, judge all you want. These odd things make me happy.