Monthly Archives: May 2008

Bright, cool, economical.

First Fenix. I put this off a while as I cannot imagine WHY the HELL I need another flashlight, but some residual paypal funds had been languishing and I thought why not?


  • pretty inexpensive for what you get
  • CREE goodness
  • multiple settings including low, high, and strobe
  • the HIGH is most impressive for a AAA light
  • only slightly larger than my beloved ARC AAA (but much brighter)
  • split ring stand up flat end!




    • Hard anodizing seems… thin. I am not sure how rugged its going to be over time and pocket carry
    • The pocket clip that comes with it is ridiculously chintzy and lame, unusable
    • the ghey-skull-paracord-lanyard is my own terrible creation, do not blame Fenix for this one





      Twittering my EDC experiment

      I am going to twitter my EDC when I can remember it. Trying a new widget on the right ->

      Yes, this may be, perhaps, the most boring twittter feed ever. Knife-navel gazing.

      Twitter is so flaky though I am not sure how long this will last.


      View from my back yard



      what kind of bird, originally uploaded by Rorschach.

      Sure they’re weeds. But they’re purty.


      Carrying and old friend today



      Native, originally uploaded by Rorschach.

      Its been a while. Time to put back in circulation!




      Speedway, originally uploaded by Rorschach.

      This weekend.

      Travel photos

      Delica Van in China

      A real van model in China. One handed opening!

      Breitling Granite

      My favorite timepiece, ring, and use of ceramic.

      meiji jingu

      Somewhat ‘shopped photo in Harajuku in Tokyo. I love that place in the early morning.