Monthly Archives: August 2007

regarding good marketing

From time to time I am pleasantly surprised at good marketing efforts of top brand companies, and it reminds me of why they persist as a top-brand.

Case in point. My doorbell rang this evening and I was greeted by a medium white box.

Excellent. Now I may never buy another in my life, but the warm fuzzy left by the small unexpected gift has huge impact. It will likely seep over into the brand equity I generate as a connector when the passing person asks me about the watch or the hat.



something about

the shape or the ZDP189 on the Jess Horn, I can literally touch up the edge with just a few swipes of the white stones in the sharpmaker. I cant seem to do that with some my other EDCs. The ZDP-Caly takes a bit more effort, but for some reason the Jess just takes a mean edge in no time flat. So light and thin, I’ve been carrying it a lot lately.


on bachelorhood

The last Macanudo vintage 1988 from the humidor. The screened in porch. The dark rum. I miss my family… but there are… compensations.

The fam is traveling to visit relatives while I remain for bacon-bringing reasons. This box was purchased with director Mitch and I smoke the final stick tonight. Hat tip to Mitch for the score, so many years ago.


ps I used a punch cutter to make the incision