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World Tour 2007 Memories

Just got back from a fantastic around the world trip. More to post but now leaving on vacation for a week so here are some snapshots from my travels:


mmmm espresso 


 mmmm bitter


 mmmm danish 

Hong Kong

 mmm blurry junk 

China (Shenzhen)

 mmmm cheap noodles



Tsukiji (fish market hocho store)

 mmmm obknifecontent 

Bought my first hocho here. Scary! Sharp! 



Knife of Destiny

Now this is an item I have been waiting for a long time. Since the very beginning of my collecting I have admired the Santa Fe Stoneworks Yin Yang crickets, which I glimpsed on a forum somewhere. I am a huge fan of the cricket, being one of my first Spydercos, and also a fan of the Yin~Yang symbol going back to my childhood love of martial arts and all things Eastern. Ebay comes through again.

I won’t bother reviewing the cricket per se, you either “get it” or you don’t, so suffice to say the embellishment does nothing to hinder the functional design.


The effect of having a smooth polished stone surface on the scale of the knife is fantastic, reminding me of the Sal story about how the cricket was modeled after a “skipping stone” perfect for a still lake. The finish on the edges is very good, although you can see the shapes and angles of the edge cuts.

We’ve all heard how difficult it is to work with mother of pearl, and close analysis bears this out. The round opposite inlays are the most technically complex part of this work, and they are not “machine” perfect. There is some minor flake and edge chipping under magnification. The work on the Santa Fe Dragonfly is a bit more precise and flawless.

The back is “nothing special.” It would be neat to have a 2-sided version, but then there would be no clip, and then it would not really be a cricket, eh?

Oh yeah I forgot to mention… this auction win was a result of I rewarded myself for getting a raise and losing some weight.

This one will be my new office carry for a while. Its so classy that it almost doesn’t offend. (Those serrations are hard to ignore!)

In all a great addition to my collection.