Monthly Archives: May 2007

Happy Memorial Day

God bless you all.

There are not enough thanks for the sacrifice.



What I did today


Buddy Lazier running today.

Cool today. Pagoda shot.


the bricks.

Sam Hornish Jr.

Darren Manning.


My first piece in H1 steel. This was unplanned, but I jumped in for two reasons:
1. I’ll be going to the Atlantic coast this summer for vacation and staying on the beach
2. I needed an excuse to help the ‘Fly Memoriam fund

Larger than I expected, very solid lockup, amazingly keen edge. All of the materials on this gal are ready for a corrosive environment. You can tell… the handles even seem slightly different.

I intend to wear this one around and in the water so we’ll see how it fares.

The yellow handles are excellent. I wish I had more knives this color.