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 Ahhh spring. Kite Flying, Chile Rellenos, and Margaritas.



Test post from TextMate

Lately I have been using TextMate to do all of my editing. It comes with a blogging package that automatically uploads to the WP blog. Lets try this out. **Tres cool.**


My SOG story

Back when I was a little kid, I used to draw pictures of swords and daggers in my school notebooks. (alongside the VanHalen logos and other standard schoolboy doodles)

Y’know, like this:

OK its apparent why I never became an illustrator.

I had long gazed at the Pentagon from afar for its fascinating double edge. These are forbidden in California (dirk and dagger law) but A-OK here in this state. Whilst perusing ebay one day I happen upon a very cheap opportunity. Due to poor listing skills, I assumed this was a NIB blade going for cheap. Boy was I wrong.

It arrived in a fairly beat-up state, with scratches along the blade, some rolled edge, about 2mm missing from the tip (!!!), and some light rust pocks. Still it was a very cheap acquisition so the logical thing was to call SOG and ask them to sharpen it. $9 for the service and 2 weeks later I got back my new favorite around-the-house-and-wildly-unnecessary utility knife.

They did a great job cleaning and refinishing the edge. They (correctly) did not try and make it look “like new”, so it carries some scars and use patterns which is fine with me. Both edges came back scary sharp and an excellent needle point in place, properly aligned.

As a fixed blade its pretty substantial, thicker in the middle than I thought it would be. The grooved finger holds near the hilt are much longer then they need to be but it makes the knife look good.

The best part about buying a used knife (this is my first!) is that I will use it cavalierly now. If I had acquired this new, it would have been a drawer queen for me (see Civilian, Jess Horn, etc.)

(umm I think the previous owner stabbed car doors with this or something)