Monthly Archives: February 2007

on Keeping Warm

It’s been fairly cold here lately (a welcome thing for me and mine.) The last 36 hours will be known as the blizzard of aught seven, but its a nice opportunity to use a large single purpose gasoline-powered machine.

As we were debating what to use to ward off the chill, the setting sun in the kitchen caught the bottle just right. I have some polish blood in me, so I do like a nice potato wudka. Mmmmm. BTW the key ingredient in a good bloody mary is anchovies. Seriously. Even if you don’t like them.

Stay warm!





That is all.


AB on Shun

This video is an outstanding lesson on knives in general, not just shilling for $300 kitchen knives. Alton makes great stuff, he has a knack for simplifying complexities in cooking… and now he brings it for edge geometry!