Monthly Archives: January 2007

What a way to start 2007

Three weeks on the road!

Not much time for photography.

Travel companions:

SinCity & France: Dragonfly

Denmark: Case BabyButterBean (legal!)

EuroDisney in the winter is as strange as it might seem. It reminded me of “the Day After” walking around an empty theme park.

Some recently obsessive road music keeping me sane:

  • 3Doors Down Away from the Sun
  • Beyonce Irreplaceable
  • 80’s Hits Stripped (its all good if you’re in my age bracket)
  • Tom Waits (too many to mention)
  • Pzizz!



Back from CES 2007

Another CES another test of the cumulative effects of age, fatigue, cash drain, and alcohol poisoning. As always it was great! My new job doesn’t let me get to see the floor much as there are myriad pointless meetings, however Director Mitch has a nice summary.

This year was kindof a Cali reunion year, several discretionary carousing sessions and dinners with old friends. This may become my new reason to go to CES!

I talked to more press than ever this year, and it was great to see many bloggers at the publicity events. As the press events went on and more alcohol was served, the starving writers, presumably not used to and open bar for three hours, got more and more amusing with their questions and *ahem* ambulation styles.

Happy 2007!

Getting ready for CES in Las Vegas. Hope my liver can take it.

Quote from “The War of Art” read over break. Excellent book.