Monthly Archives: December 2006

VIPs for this Holiday’s Unwrap and Cleanup

Every year it seems there are bigger piles of cardboard and plastic after Christmas. The toy factories in China are getting more ruthless and byzantine with their packaging, tape, stretch-cord, wire ties, and clamshells. I selected the Meadowlark for the main duties and it performed admirably. The Meadowlark is
my permanent “den knife” which sits near the computer.

Also… gifted to me this year was the bizarre and yet lovable Poliwog. Lefty friendly and with that mini-native style blade and swedge, the ball bearing lock seems much more refined than my old Dodo. Good heft and very sturdy in the hand for such a small blade.

+ lefty friendly
+ wire clip! (yeah, I really do like them now)
+ ballbearing lock is smooth and more refined than dodo
+ Native-esque blade shape and swedge
+ Smooth action, nice heft
+ unconventional looks

– a bit wide for pocket carry, takes a lot of lateral space
– kinda expensive for such a small blade

In all… another mighty mini from Eric!



Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow is a big day for the Spyder-arsenal. Much cutting of plastic and tape, ribbons and boxes. This may be one of the heaviest use days of the year!

Early Present

Yes it may be more expensive than the iPod itself, but think of it thusly: way cheaper than a factory installed six disc changer!

This is quite possibly a life-changing device like a Tivo or fire. I listen to innumerable podcasts on my commute and have a fairly eclectic music collection. The fact that it also charges the ‘pod is sauce for the goose.

The iDrive lets me view by playlist, artist, album, genre, podcast (excellent!), or all tracks. The voice command navigation is outstanding. Christmas may be less filled with childlike-anticipation as I get older, but the gifts are as cool as ever.


Random business trip shot…

Highly recommended in Paris, the Côté Vignes restaurant. Good portions, homestyle cooking, not too expensive, great wine selection, and real old school Laguiole cutlery. This is not a froufrou place.

I visited this one a while ago but forgot to post, sorry about the crummy flash.