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the most comfortable shoes you’ll never wear…

As I get older, I find myself making more sacrifices of fashion for comfort. This is definitely one of those situations. These things are sooooo butt-ugly I almost refrain from posting, but on a recent business trip I had some (older) colleagues singing the praises of crocs.

You’ve seen them, they look like galoshes or weird gardening shoes. What you don’t know is how damn unbelievably comfortable they are. And I am a big fan of comfort shoes like Merrell or even Bruno Magli (my current favorite business shoes, please no OJ jokes.)

The crocs are fairly inexpensive as shoes go but they also feel so light as to be insubstantial so we’ll see how they wear over time.  I may start traveling with these mofos and damn the retarded-kid jokes.

Highly recommended and yet also a high-fashion-risk.



Daywalker Special Installment!

I’ve been waiting to post this one, the 2006 Forum Knife finally arrived!
Spyderco Lava on top, Boker Subcom on bottom. Both sturdy little blades with a similar cutting edge and sharing the same pedigree: Chad Los Banos aka Daywalker on the forums. Daywalker is a prolific forumite and all around good guy.

(yeah us lefties are obscuring the forum graphic with our clip switch, sorry)

There are some similarities in these two, like the blade curvature and the small footprint, but actually they are quite different. While I like the lightweight and thin carry on the subcom, I prefer the in-hand ergos of the Lava much more.

Of course the Subcom is not as expensive as the Lava, so they are really in different classes. The backlock on the Lava also seems more sturdy than the liner on the Subcom.

Most people in my office were interested in the Subcom more, due to the price and slightly more “traditional” looks I would bet. The opening shelf on the subcom works fine, but it cannot compare to the round hole-i-ness for speed.

Looks like bold vs. regular on the logos!

I’m a big fan of small wonders, and both of these knives are great for office-carry duty and light travel. The cutting lengths are inoffensively short and yet good for many utility situations.

Great work Chad!