Monthly Archives: October 2006

Happy Halloween, would you care for a fun-time treat?

It was a tossup between Homestar this year or Marshie.

I hate that freakin’ marshmallow.



Fall in the Midwest

Does it get any better than this? Brisk air, red and yellow leaves. Pumpkins, apples, hay.

Millie Jr. was the order of the day for severing gourd umbilicals.

Dame Seine Rainbow

A fine day to stroll around the city of light. The tower is much taller in person than you might imagine.

Sorry for the photo editing on this next one, I just played until I got a visceral effect. The rainbow was real. The Church is of course beautiful but we have all seen the more boring pictures of Notre Dame.


PS: apologies for my new discovery and bound to be abuse of the “title” tag in html. I relish every day when I can hover over the latest installment of Achewood. Talking cats and such. I do declare.