Monthly Archives: September 2006

Weirded Out in La Défense

OK the first shot is normal. The modern arch.

But this one is as strange as it looks. Imagine the giant Dragonfly needed to put a spyder bite on that thumb.


** Update: if you follow this link you can find the thumb backstory.  It’s kind of a letdown, I like the bizarre notions better. C’est la vie.


Back to EU

One nice part about this job is variety. I am heading back to Europe for a short trip. I wish I had time to zip over to Holland and see some of my brothers of the blade but alas this trip is only a week and jam packed with meetings. Some nice pics to bump that nasty spider down the page a bit. 😉


Weekend Guest

This weekend I was trimming the rose bushes and spotted this lady. Now we’re truly a House O’ Spiders. Unfortunately Mrs. Rorschach does not take kindly to any defacing of the roses. Justice was swift and terrible.

Double ‘S’ Ranch

So much goodness, so little time. Like many I was shocked (…shocked I tell you!) to find out about the release of the new ‘S’. This was out of cycle and un-budgeted, so of course I had to have both versions. Luckily these are not really expensive little guys.

Sometimes Spyderco is just like another good marketing company (their product featured here as background) in that they announce an exciting new product simultaneous with release for sale. I loved the idea of the ‘Q’, but the rarity of Qs makes me refrain from carrying one as an EDC.

The new S fixes all of the shortcomings of the Q, primarily:

  • scarcity (presumably S’s will be plentiful)
  • internal strength (the S has aluminum handles instead of Q’s plastic, and has a real lock instead of the Q’s weird cross-bar thingy)
  • 50/50 choil
  • traction ridges on rear ramp

Wow, I just realized that my black blade is numbered. Sweet. Sometimes photographers don’t see the trees for the forest. The 440C was impressively hair-grabbingly sharp. Whatever Sal taught the Taiwan factory about finishing has worked. My only note is that the pivot on the silver ‘S’ is a bit tight. Easy to fix, that one.

The compression lock is super strong, and while not my favorite it works well for this piece.

In all an insanely great package: cool looks, light weight, not too pricey, high performance, & quite unique.

PS– Yes I got a Macbook. Yes I’m also running XP on it. And yes it rules. Perhaps a full review to follow.


2nd ZDP

I liked the ZDP Caly Jr. so much that I had to try the ZDP sprint run of the classic Jess Horn.

Jess is known for the “pig sticker” format, and this piece is no different. Its a light and slim marvel that occupies very little pocket real estate.

The long straight edge makes it a great office utility blade. Although I did get some comments (everyone I work with now knows that I am a blade freak, I have a regular crowd that asks to see my EDC) but I think the “long-pointy” factor sways public opinion negatively somewhat. The least threatening I regularly carry is the cricket, and the most fearful comments came from the Adventura.

The handle has a unique stamping of Jess’ namesake, although the lettering has a tendency to roll a bit on the edges after use.

+ ZDP scarysharp excellence
+ Bug logos on blade and clip
+ No Boye dent!
+ Purty swedge
+ Very lightweight and slim
+ Good ergos, nice rounded end

– Horn lettering has some edge issues
– Lanyard hole makes clip lower on handle -> higher pocket carry