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Was in Hong Kong again recently, here’s one of the familiar sites if you’re a businessman.

Like many large cities, the best way to get around is via the public train system. As temperatures were over 30 degrees C for most of this trip, walking a half mile in a train station in Tsim Sha Tsui is preferrable to walking outside.


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The Great Smoky Report

What started as a typical famliy vacation turned into a mini-pilgrimage of sorts, more on that later.
We had a fine time in the Great Smoky Mountains. The last time I visited I was a child, but the sights were still amazing (albeit on a smaller cognitive scale now.)

From the top of Clingman’s Dome

I’ve always wanted to do one of those “longer exposure” waterfall shots (Laurel Falls)

Yup, they have ’em there. He was poking around the fenced-in garbage cans.

But aside from the natural wonders of the Smokys and the commercial wonders of Gatlinburg/PigeonForge, I forgot that there was another wonder nearby.

The Smoky Mountain Knife Works, or to us online folk. I drove right by it and pulled a kings mandate, veered the family truckster on 2 wheels into the parking lot at the last second.

The store was definitely huge, but lots of the merchandise inside caters to families: lots of clothes, kitchen items, candy, souvenirs, etc. They did not have many really high-end things (i.e. Sebenzas or customs) but had tons of production blades.

I did end up getting a couple of keepsakes, not that the prices were better than the internet (they weren’t) but they were close.

I have wanted the drop point from the Blade-Father for a long time, and SMKW had several, so it was finally time. It is a great utility piece. AND as I am flying to Hong Kong / China next week, I felt it might be time to swap out my favorite travel knife with an upgrade. Time for a new Dragonfly! Better steel!  (oops, still AUS-8!!) New Logo! OOB sharp!

I think I will send my old DF back to the mother ship for sharpening. Perhaps they will keep it, that knife has been around the world many times, it’s getting a bit aged.

That’s all for now, more detailed reviews to follow!