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Pleasingly Ambidextrous Uncommon Lock

Paul folder with burl wood handle. I saw the prototype of this knife at Blade Show West, and was smitten for two reasons:

i) Wharncliffe with needle point (I’m a sucker for most wharncliffes)
ii) the use of the word “perfecto” to describe the model (part-time cigar smoker and lover of the perfecto shape)

The folder comes in a very nice tin, complete with elastic bands to secure the diminutive piece in transit.

The scales are nicely finished and remind me of a luxury automobile interior trim (without the gloss.)
The blade sits DEAD center. Very nice.

The blade is very sharp and the tip is truly amazing for a production knife. Nice finishing on the edge.

The mechanism takes a little time to learn. Two hands are easy,  but it is also possible to one-hand open this knife by holding the button and opposing side securely while using gravity to rotate the knife body downward while keeping the blade stationary. Kind of counterintuitive but it works nicely with practice. The lock feels very secure and well-made.

+ machining tolerance is very tight and high quality
+ Blade shape and point: exquisite!
+ presentation box a nice touch
+ very lefty-friendly

Things I’d change:
– bead blasted blade feels soooo CRKT, I’d prefer some level of polish
– no clip (I know it might ruin it as a dress folder, given its size)



Man vs. Nature

Real sign from a nice resort. The yellow thing is a lone bocce ball. Not many people on the beach (!!)

Some shots from yet another recent business trip. Too bad I didn’t step outside much.

Paul folder review coming soon. Promise!

Lava on order too!