Monthly Archives: April 2006

WTF in HK?

OK, we found this T-Shirt in Hong Kong, Tai Wai station. Seriously. WTF? And… I like it!

Sooo many questions. Blue girl? Touching wound?



Happy Easter 2006!

Here’s to a great Spring, may all your eggs be full of wonder!


p.s. review of the paul folder coming soon!

Jet lag bonus for you!

Waking at 4AM is no fun, so here’s some shots from my latest China trip.

Went to Lantau for the first time in many years, the roads are slightly better now. Fog and light rain gave the place a mystical quality.

The big Buddha now has a museum inside. The vegetarian meal was excellent, and I am a true carnivore so that’s high praise.

This was a good trip as always, only took day trips into Shenzhen which left my nights to the spectacle which is Hong Kong. Next time I’ll try and take it easy on playing Liar’s Dice. Ouch.