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If you dream it, it can happen.

Well it’s time to get back to the fundamentals: Spyder in the House.
I present to you the a vision of life in action: Adventura, the 2005 forum knife by DIALEX

Alexandru Diaconescu, or DIALEX as he is commonly know on the forums has been tantalizing us Spyderheads for years with CAD renderings of futuristic yet imaginary Spyderco knives. Finally we see one of his renderings come to life, and she is a beauty. Thanks to Sal and crew for making this possible, now get on with his gentlebug already!

So many good points: L/R/U/D carry. paddle clip. silky smooth action. extra-big choil, skeleton holes in the handle and blade, coolio recurve, outstanding looking swedge.

I have carried and used the Adventura for many days now, and the only negative I can even mention is that the aggressive styling does put off some non-knife people. (i.e. “Gah! lookit that big knife!” or the inane “Gee I’d hate to get stabbed with that.” Personally I think it would hurt more to get stabbed with chair leg or a stapler, but that’s me .)

This is as close to perfect as a pure stainless steel knife can get. I’d love to see a version in G10 or carbon fiber.

Big congrats to DIALEX and Spyderco for an outstanding collaboration.



Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Originally uploaded by Rorschach.

Got to visit NoCal again recently, here’s the view from Santa Cruz on a chilly sundown. (testing a post from flickr)

Fun with paper clips

When I was younger, had more time on my hands, and the internet was a shiny new collection of poorly formatted text documents, I read a monograph on lock picking. I quickly found out that many common office locks found on filing cabinets and desk drawers could be defeated (sometimes not so easily) with two bent paper clips.

Lest you think I was a criminal in training, my skill arose from necessity. Our startup company had acquired a bunch of desks and file cabinets from a bankrupt company, and many of these were locked and missing keys. Those fun days are long gone, but in each subsequent company I have worked, there has been at least one time when someone needed to get into a locked cabinet/drawer but did not have the key.

I finally broke down and bought one of these:

Reminiscent of swiss-army knives, this little gem has everything you need to defeat simple locks, even has a torsion/pressure arm that pops out (left side of photo.)

There are even newer vibrating and auto-gun devices available now, but I think I’ll stick with this tool, the weight and size are perfect.


From the Peak

Visited Hong Kong again last month. I haven’t been to the peak in years, its grown quite a bit. Here’s my film noir shot from the peak ledge looking down onto the north side of the island.


Sweet. That is all.

Unorthodox business trips

Well you’ll never guess where I just visited for business.

(flag reveal ala Director Mitch)
Yep. Puerto Rico.
I have never been to the Island of Enchantment (license plate slogan, y’know like “Land of Lincoln”) before but in the short time I spent there it seems like an interesting destiation. I flew in to the less crowded western side, near Aguadilla. Our hotel was literally a beach resort, beautiful place and perfect weather this time of year.

I got to eat at a place called “Cilantros” where the chef had studied under Emeril “BAM” Lagasse. Lots of dishes had the local plantains (mofongo) and were outstanding.

It was nice to fly in to a tropical clime, have no customs or immigration line, and use US dollars as the local currency.

One caveat, the town (and resort) rolls up its sidewalks in the evening, so we had to cross the road to a local cantina for refreshment late at night. One chatty local (thanks Luis!) explained to us that he was suprised to see gringos here, as last year two people got shot at this very bodega.

Whoops. Well maybe next time we’ll pack our own hooch.