Monthly Archives: January 2006

Aaaaand we’re back

Sorry for the brief delay, lots going on. Bought one of those fancy dual-core Intel Macs, thought about migrating to iWeb, instead I upgraded from MT to WordPress. Old comments are shot, but at least there’s not too many bugs from the import. More to come!



Happy 2006 / Christmas Gift Spotlight

This is a shout out to my fizzolks, the pazzarents. (*sigh*)
OK well at least they haven’t disowned me for my strange hobby. They even got me this very sweet case small congress in bonestag.

The congress is one of the most difficult to manufacture folders due to the multiple backsprings and tolerances required.

Like my other Cases, this is pretty much a collectors piece. Not much need for a “coping” blade in my world anyway.

Here’s to 2006, and a sharp future!