Monthly Archives: October 2005

Rrrrrr Matey

This was obligatory. Total drawer queen. The new almite R2, it can keep my Q’s company.

I thought this was a *yawn* whatever purchase but WAIT Surprising things:

Balance is good despite the extremely light handle, the balance point is about 1/4 way down the handle from the blade.

The clip has a lovely bead-blasted/satin finish. Very classy.

The full grind line that skates right by the opening hole is just weird! Almost an optical illusion.

Teeth on the lower blade part of the choil! Cool! Me likey.

What would I change?
– Lefty version (yeah yeah blah blah)
– I’m not sure I like the sheepy point. I wish it were more old-school Endura pointy.
– Cutouts in the blade like the original!

Anyway, this is a nice holder while waiting for the Kumo.