Monthly Archives: September 2005

and that’s when the C.H.U.D.S came at me…

Obscure Simpsons quote nonwithstanding, got to spend a couple days in the Big Apple right near Times Square. I am always impressed how nice gotham is compared to visits I made fifteen years ago.

Night and Day.

The weather was perfect, slighty chilly and azure sky. Makes the buildings seem even taller.



Convergence Update

While I wait for some new edged entries arrival at the House, I thought I would post about an interesting convergence device. (My new job is in consumer electronics, so this almost qualifies as a business purchase! Really! OK not. But it does pass the time during those long flights.)

The Sony PSP is ostensibly a gaming machine, but the 802.11b capability and full browser make it a passable vehicle for viewing web pages. URL entry is incredibly arduous due to the lack of a real keyboard, but once you copy your bookmarks to the memory stick the process is easy.

One could imagine a VoIP client like Skype or Google Talk running on this device as well. As someone rooted in the high technology sector, we have been talking about devices like these for more than 20 years, but now they seem to be on the real cusp of fruition.

Allright then: favorite game right now: Hot Shots Golf. RPG: Brotherhood of the Blade.