Monthly Archives: August 2005

Wow, I’m a bit leery of sharpening this one.

Joy: received my new Calypso Jr in the mail. But not any CalyJ, this one has a blade of ZDP189, super-tough manmade steel. 64Rc!

The hanging tissue test was achieved by this blade, my VG10 Caly could not perform as well. I suspect the factory sharpening was particularly mindful in this series. I actually like the laminate line, has a Japanese-sword feel to it.

The gold bug on the steel is a nice addition, and the handle color is refreshingly non-black.

I wonder how long I will go before I even attempt sharpening?


Live it! Love it!

Just got back from 2 weeks in one of my favorite cities: Hong Kong. Their new tourism campaign is rife with Jackie Chan and shopping. Hey, you can still get a nice custom tailored shirt made for under forty dollars. (I got three.)

One of the prettiest harbors in the world.

Near Ladies Market.

Detail from same shot.

I also went in to “real” China several times. The change from ten years ago is startling. The money being invested into the development regions has made many areas that used to look like interior Mexico now look like Hong Kong (albeit with different cultures.)

My new job uses HK as a base of operations, so more trip reports soon from this gem of cities.

ObKnifeContent: Carried my trusty FRN Dragonfly on the trip, over the border and in China as well. Also my micra. No problems.