Monthly Archives: July 2005

In-Seine in the membrane

Well I got to visit Paris recently, for all of two days. Such are the vagaries of business travel: Go! Now! But come back quickly for more meetings!

I taxi’d by the Eiffel Tower a couple times:

The lighting of the tower at night was particularly pretty. This shot is terrible but you get the idea.

The only place I got to walk around was the Arc De Triomphe for a few minutes.

The food and wine was great, had a wonderful St. Emilion Grand Cru.

I lucked into an appropriate souvenir, while my business comrades cozied into a cafe, I ducked into a little kitchen-goods shop and what to my surprise did I find? A fitting memento.

Very pretty, and my French business mates were impressed by my taste.

The polished blade reminds me of my chrome-vanadium Case knives.

I read somewhere that the Bee emblem is a tribute Napoleon’s symbol for industry. Note the file work.

Fancy spine, the brass is also grooved on the reverse side.

My one comment: HOLY MERDE this knife is hard to close. I risk chopping off my fingers every time, the force required is beyond any slip-joint blade I have ever owned. I suspect that this is to keep the blade safely in place while cutting, but I need some chain-mail gloves if I’m going to use this one much.


Happy Independence Day!

The state I now live in has a more liberal policy towards fireworks (or perhaps more “look the other way”), much to the delight of my family.

Get this marketing: California Rocket Fountain? I never saw home fireworks like this in Cali. If you lit one of these off in my old neighborhood you would definitely get some calls.

Have a safe and happy 4th! Here’s a bit of good & timely reading courtesy of Professor Glenn.


I call the big one “bitey”

Since my favorite flipping toy was kindof a nerf-version of a real bali and trainers inspire confidence, I decided it was time to graduate to the real thing.

(Sorry all the pics are ‘shopped, they just seemed interesting to me this way.)

The Spyderfly is the Glessers’ take on a balisong knife, and true to form they have some very inspired and unique innovations in this rendering.

The pocket clip is wire and small enough to stay out of the way when flipping, it can be mounted in four different positions (either handle, front/back.)

VG10 blade, EXTREMELY ScarySharp. I found out the hard way as I started going too fast the day I got it in the mail. The action and weight are different than my trainer, so the blade lags somewhat on an opening flip, and my poor pinky got caught in the crossfire. Painless at first, but a very deep bite. I came away with new respect and no small amount of fear to fast flippage.

Whats different? The handle will not lock closed (see above), and the ends have cool Spyderholes which can be used for new moves.

In all a very fun piece, although I won’t EDC it much. I will need to tape the blade to advance my proficiency to any degree.