Monthly Archives: June 2005

More on the LOTR stuff and new links

Since I have been spending stupid amounts of money on new house stuff, there’s not a lot of new blades flowing in to the hizzouse O spizziderz presently. So here are some closeup shots of the United LOTR pieces to keep the site from total stagnation!

The elvish lettering on Sting is OK but a bit perforated looking.

Runes on Anduril are slightly smoother than sting.

Also, I’d like to point out that I updated my Links (recommended) section to include more excellent Spydie collection sites. Check ’em out!


My only United purchase, evar.

OK, this entry will do better without much text. (the shame!)

It was an ebay weakness. Yes, I am a fan. Yes, I had to have them all. Yes, it was fairly cheap.

OK fine, from left to right:

Anduril, Strider’s Sword, Narsil, Sting, RingWraith, Hadhafang, Glamdring, Witch King.

To be fair to United, these were better crafted than I anticipated. Score!