Monthly Archives: March 2005

Happy Easter 2005 !

It’s a chilly Easter for the RHOS this year. The moving boxes are almost gone. The prime cardboard-eating implements were the Dodo and the Paramilitary; the S30V does well for edge holding.

The new office is a bit corporate, so I have limited myself to SS Kiwi and FRN cricket for the time being on workdays. The new Viele2 is my weekend carry trading off with the Yojimbo.

Have a restful and thoughtful Easter. Yoji review to come.

** UPDATE ** I now carry the V2 in the office almost every day. No one has looked sideways at me so I figure it’s all good.


Crossroads of America

Lest some of you think that I have been pining for the land of the bear, I must tell you that I have settled into the new House O’ Spyders quite nicely here in the frozen Midwest. Hopefully the reduced cost of living will mean more frequent edged additions to the House. The new job is also in high-tech (shocking!) but closer to the end product market.

From humble beginnings. The view currently fom my back yard.

In a self-congratulatory mood, I spontaneously ordered two new Spydercos:

(apologies on the lighting, I have still not unpacked my lightbox… come to think of it which box would that be in..??!?)

I was keenly excited about the Viele2 as I debated buying the first version time after time. My first impressions: Wow! Small!

But this was a pleasant surprise as I was hoping it would be good for office carry. The action is smooth as glass, the fit and finish are top notch.

Not lefty friendly, but some sacrifices must be made for fashion. I like the G10 and Micarta combo scales.
Just to show you the scale of the new version:

And the Yojimbo is not really a big knife.(Yes! Yojimbo review to follow soon!)