Monthly Archives: December 2004

Revenge of the blogmovie

Here’s a movie of how easy it is to “flick” open the Dodo. Forgive the cheezemaster 5000 (TM) filming and editing.


Merry Christmas and stay ScarySharp for 2005

BlogMovie Premier!

I made a quick movie to show someone how to “Spyder-drop” open a small knife like the Kiwi. I present it to you now in all of its crapful glory. I used WMV (sorry CHoM followers.)

Kiwi drop

Have edge will travel…

I got to reading some old blog entries tonight and ran across the peculiar navel-gazing practice of listing the states and countries that you have visited. So in the fashion of following late, I’ll post mine.

First the US:

House icons denote places that I have lived.

Now, as for the World:

create your own visited country map

Clearly I have been neglecting some continents. And the tiny island nation of Japan has gotten an unfair amount of my attention.
I really want to get over to Oz and NZ sometime.

with micra…

I should note thet I am trying out a new photo site called Flickr, we’ll see how it pans out. They have some good interface tools, and it may make photoblogging easier, but I’m not sure how to put multiple shots in one entry easily. More to come…

In hand

Cheap Gear part 2



This was completely unexpected. I recently read a photo caption in a knife magazine regarding a small Cold Steel push knife being an invaluable EDC to a soldier in Iraq. Thanks to ebay and sniping software, I obtained one for a ridiculously low price. So! Without further ado, my first Cold Steel knife, and my first push knife: the Urban Pal. (also an inside joke for those that know me)

My first impression was: holy crap this thing is small! Really small! It fits in your jeans watch pocket.

I also note that the blade, sheath, and kraton handle are a pretty high degree of quality for a knife that cost me less than ten bucks!!

Short story: I love this little guy. It is fun to use (in a limited application sort of way).