Monthly Archives: November 2004

Upgrade test

Just upgraded MT, quick test…


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

First the obvious and most grateful gratitude:

My Family. My Country. My life of relative luxury.

Now the specific website-focused list:

I’m thankful for:

  • Full-flat grinds
  • Serrations
  • One-handed opening holes
  • G10 scales
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Jigged bone
  • Reversible pocket clips, even the wire ones
  • S30V, VG10, AUS8A, ATS55, ATS34
  • LEDs

Enjoy that meal friends!

Cheap yet useful gear review

Being a confirmed flashoholic, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to avoid cursing the darkness. I found this little gem at Target on sale for less than $10.

The Energizer headlamp.

Pre-disclaimer: this is not a premium light nor does it have the beautiful beam that many of my finer ARCs and Surefires display. It has lots of beam artifacts stemming from the plastic magnifying lens used in the design.
Being married and also the victim of the occasional insomnia attack, I tend to read a lot in bed. I have tried a lot of book light solutions, including my wife’s Voyager cold-fluorescent book lamp. Unfortunately the batteries on the Voyager don’t seem to last very long, and the brightness curve is brutal near the end. What’s more, the form factor of the voyager is a bit cumbersome for paperbacks and magazines.

I must say this headlamp is about the best reading light yet.

It features 2 modes: white and red LEDs, plus a nice hinge for adjusting the beams aim regardless of how you place it on your head.

The red mode will come in handy during those rare summer nights when I break out my telescope to humor myself as an amateur stargazer.

Pros: CHEAP, fairly bright, fairly white LED. Band is adjustable and not too uncomfortable. Takes AA batteries and 30~50 hour run time.

Cons: 3AAs makes it heavier than the small Petzl headlamps, some lens artifacts, battery compartment is difficult to open, probably not waterproof.

Here’s a beamshot for comparison, Energizer headlamp on the right, my Photon2 light on the left.

If you can find one of these babies for under $10, I say consume!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hello Monday

Been carrying my calypso jrs quite a bit lately, both the SE and PE are perhaps the ultimate low-weight EDC.

Happy Veteran’s Day

I hung my flag this morning, saying a silent thanks and prayer to all who serve: past, present, and future.

Election night fun…

Well I had a great time at Director Mitch’s casa for an election night party. Check out the blow-by blow on his site.

There was another blogger there as well, fellow conservative and bicycling enthusiast Sneakeasy. Check out his site for a wide variety of topics including Cycling, Hiking, Movies, Politics, and general stuff.

ObKnifecontent: My trusty Lum Chinese got lime-cutting duty with the Director for most of the night.