Monthly Archives: October 2004

Happy All Hallow’s Eve 2004

Here’s the lineup. The family each chose. One happy & one scary pumpkin, one spider (we get lots of balck widows around here) and my tribute to the BURNINATOR!

Have a good one!


What is thy bidding… my master?

Halloween Part 1:
This was a bit too surrealistic. Seen near my neighborhood pre-school: this little sith lord was just standing on the sidewalk. He was totally into character as well, all of about 3 feet tall.

Strange to think that I stood in line for that movie TWENTY SEVEN YEARS ago. He had no saber. Very sad, probably a victim of PC pre-school rules. Total evil dark lord costume? OK! Plastic space sword? NO WAY!

the Current Backlog

So here (I think) is the current backlog at the House. I’ve been slow to post lately, being distracted by real-life events: looking for a new job, potentially moving thousands of miles, you know. Lots of change, hopefully mostly positive.

What’s lamer than real reviews?? Mini Reviews!! So here we go…

Squirt is nice, still like the micra slightly better (!!)

‘Fly: OUCH. Seriously. I thought I was a reasonably OK amatuer flipper. But it’s not balanced like my old CI bali. 2 minutes out of the box I have a nice deep cut. Time to tape the blade and play safe.

M16 Iraqi Freedom: Got this at a closeout, awesome price. I already liked the smaller 16, and this one is nice as well.

Goddards: I have been EDC’ing the combo edge version, it’s just an awesome piece. I will do a full writeup later, but I am very happy that I got two of these.


Traveling a couple thousand miles of the country in the early fall is pretty breathtaking. I haven’t made a long roadtrip like this for more than a decade.

I decided to take a spread of different sizes as road worthy food prep and utility cutting: my trusty Military, Delica, and cricket fit the bill nicely.