Monthly Archives: July 2004

New lame filler post !!

Wow, last post was July 4th. Sorry.
The good news: I still have a pile o’ blades in the House to review.
The better news: my schedule may be slackening somewhat, enabling me to get to the backlog.

The bad news: not right now.

But, I shall place this teaser…

Back soon I think…


Happy 4th of July, 2004

Scenes from Big Bear Lake this year. Not so crowded, I think the fires last year scared everyone away. Went on some short alpine hikes.

The fireworks lakeside were great! This year I was better prepared with a camera that shoots ISO1600. (Canon D300)

This weekend I carried my USA Pride (natch), Dodo, Military, and Lum Tanto FB for the hikes. Also used my Maxpedition FB bag, what a great daypack for hiking!

I noticed there are some new (to me) classes of fireworks, they had smiley faces, hearts, and other shapes. Neat, but they still couldn’t completely predict the spatial orientation of the burst, which produced some funny moments. My wife and I were joking about this one…