Monthly Archives: February 2004

Back home

All in all a good trip. A blade was acquired (more on that later). Gifts were purchased. Business transacted. Libations consumed.

There was a lot of construction in Shibuya. Here is faithful Hachiko.

This next one is in Shinagawa. Classic Tokyo: towering buildings, huge ads, lots of traffic, and yet a tranquil shrine in the middle of it all. (see it?)

I took the shinkansen to Nagoya this time, nice clear weather for a view of Fuji-san.

More later as I become de-jeto-lagu.


Off to Japan

for a week or so. Hopefully I’ll get a spare moment to shop for some Spyderware.

Someday when I have more time I’ll post more photos of Nippon. And maybe even visit the eponymous Seki City.

Knives and Fish!!!

So I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific today with the family. Nice time had by all. If you must know, I carried an SS Cricket and Red Ladybug for the visit. I’ll try and keep with the theme of this site and exhibit the only dangerous creatures.

BTW shooting at this aquarium is tough, glass is unusually grimy, lotsa reflections. I had to shoot at ISO800+ so apologies all around.

Zee jellyfish

Le obligatory Sharkses

Zee LionFish (memories of a Fish Called Wanda)

the poisonous tree frog (this amphibian was too cute)

Colorful coral…

And the totally cool “you think its a plant cross-bred with a sea horse but its really a SEA DRAGON.

Hail to Jurphaas! This entry is for you.

Fellow forumite Jurphaas has shown his generosity in the past to me as chronicled in this entry. But this time he went above and beyond common kindness and sent me a very nice addition to the House. It may not be a Spyderco, but it is a very nice knife with two of my favorite features: G-10 scales and a Wharncliffe blade.

Ive had some carry time with this little racer now, so lets begin:

Swiss made, Klotzli family, so you know its good quality.

Blade is combo edge, designed by renowned German Christian Wimpff. 440C (my first experience with this steel. So far not bad, it touches up very easily.)

The overall shape is very streamlined, and although the length is fairly long (3.75″) it weighs only 2.7 oz and is very thin.

The knife can be thin due to lack of steel liners. Heres a shot comparing it to my more heavy duty Lum Tanto folder (lum on the left)

It comes with a nice case, the perfect touch in what I think of as a crossover gentleman’s tactical.

The action is very smooth, and even though it must be carried on my weak side (righty only) the opening is fast.

So what would I change? I would make a left-handed version, upgrade the steel a bit, and dress up the rather plain liner lock with some grooves. Otherwise an excellent knife and one I will carry with pride and gratitude from my friend Jurphaas. Thanks again (Dank u wel !!)

What every well-dressed keychain will be wearing this year

This entry brought to you by Myer’s rum black coffee. Must have flashlight and keychain knife combo.

The photon II white is better than my photon III blue and arc AAA (blasphemy!) for brightness!!

Useful for small projects like splinters, threads, etc….

The bug decal is “sauce for the goose Mr. Saavik.”

the forum flexes

…their collective muscle. Power to the people. By special request. A short re-release of the Calypso Jr, this time in grey FRN. As I already have an older SE version, this time I opt for plain edge.

Is there a happier sight?

The grey FRN is tough to capture, it keeps coming up black. Had to photoshop the lighting a bit…

VG10 steel, a great standby. This thing is feather light. The previously gold bug replaced by a tasteful black on grey.

A couple more shots in sunlight to get the color right…

Thank Sal for reversible clips, the southpaw’s salvation.