Monthly Archives: January 2004


I still have this backlog of Christmas time blades to carry and review, but something keeps stopping me?



Oh yeah, its this darn Chinook II, I keep carrying this one blade over and over again on the weekends (thereby foiling me from reviewing other knives)

I really wanted to buy the original Chinook, but it would have been another right-handed compromise.

Master Keating and Master Glesser have given me what others cannot: a truly heavy duty beast thats actually lefty friendly.

Lets enumerate the design kudos:

Beefy dual liners.

No Boye-dent (which seems correct on this knife.)

Excellent traction wedges on spine for thumb placement.

Tip Up/Down/Left/Right carry options, and comfy pommel.

I was concerned that it might have too much belly, but amazingly the tip is quite useful, especially when you use it from the spine-side! S30V steel is quickly becoming my favorite.


This knife makes my Military seem less substantial, if thats even possible. Given, its overkill for my office environment, but great for weekend projects.

This is likely the finest Spyderco I currently own. (until I get an ATR, perhaps.)


MOP is tough to shoot

Imagine my delight when my reluctant family finally decides to overcome their bias regarding my hobby and share the joy by actually buying me knives as gifts! This was from Christmas (man… am I behind on this blogging)

The Al Mar Osprey

I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. Nice leather pouch. Mother of Pearl scales.

Lockup is pretty good for such a miniature folder. Blade is AUS8A (decent).

Comparatively makes a Delica (shown here) look huge.

I underexposed this shot intentionally to show the highlights from the mother-of-pearl. Pretty stuff.

Not sure how much I’ll carry this, but it would be good for dressy events or public stuff where non-threatening is the rule of the day.

Lum Hat Trick

It was inevitable; the blow-out sale at SFO resulted in a nice Christmas surprise.

My third Lum.

The Lum tanto folder is a beefy offering, but does it have what it takes to supplant the Military as a weekend carry? Let’s look into the details.

Huge pros:

  • G-10 scales
  • Dual steel liners, this thing is substantial
  • VG-10 steel: perhaps not S30V but not much difference for my kind of use
  • Hamaguri grind on the tanto point
  • Heavy duty liner lock
  • Somewhat sinister friendly in that there is a nice scallop for opening with the left hand

Some Cons:

  • Front of blade inevitably brushes against liners while closing, not a huge problem but less perfect than some of my other folders. I attribute this partially to the wide nature of the front portion of the blade
  • Liner is smooth and has no texturing on the top, therefore making it slightly harder to disengage than the Millie or the Lum Chinese
  • Black coating is not my favorite, but its a much better coating than the CRKT M16 uses and cleans up easily, it has not worn at all yet

I took this guy camping and did some kindling prep, food prep, box deconstruction, and whittling for marshmallow sticks. It really excelled at all tasks, much better than I thought. I can see myself rotating this in easily, why heck, I’ve been carrying it for the past 5 days now without a break!

Coming up: back to my usual class, some smaller blades.