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Stay ScarySharp for 2004!!!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, & prosperous 2004!


Maybe it is like the rifle.

The CRKT M16-11KE
A complex item. Lots of pros and cons.

This was one of those ‘handled it in a knife store’ purchases. I really liked the looks and this blade has looks in spades. CRKT is one of the more innovative and prolific knife companies at this time, and if I had to unfairly pigeonhole their stuff, I’d call it ‘delivering cool concepts at lower prices.’ Not to say this knife was cheap ($34.99 on ebay), but after using it for a while I must relegate it to the ‘light duty’ category. The Kit Carson design is very nice.

+ The British racing green + black is an appealing combination
+ Blade shape is utilitarian yet visually pleasing
+ ‘flipper’ mechanism is fun
+ Very lightweight
+ Point is nice and sharp, no rounding
+ Steel is OK
+ The knife is smaller and lighter than it looks, making it a fairly discrete EDC with a narrow footprint in your pocket.

– Feels too light, but I’m unfairly comparing it to Spydercos, which are more substantial
– Fit and finish issues (small but still distracting)
– Flipper has too many rough edges, I cut my hand on it wearing left pocket
– Clip is bent up too far, slightly rough on the edge
– Liner lock is sticky and difficult to disengage
– Some blue residue on the bolts
– Flipper action is not smooth enough, perhaps I can fix this with a pivot adjustment
– Thumb stud is useless, I cannot open this knife using the thumb stud
– Black coating on blade looks good, until you cut something. I opened some boxes and it instantly looked bad: lots of cutting streaks and residue too visible, I had to use some ballistol to clean it up, as ‘denim swiping’ would not work
– Edge grind is uneven (but this may be intentional) and the factory edge needed a small touchup

= The liner lock can be ‘locked’ with the novel LAWKS system (lever mechanism blocks the knife’s liner lock from being accidentally released). I’m not sure I’d ever use this on such a light duty knife, but its kinda cool in a gadgety way.

Summary: this is a nice knife for the money. I doubt I will carry it as much as my beloved Spyders due to the fit-n-finish issues, but this would be a nice lower-priced knife for casual carry. I would not trust this particular liner lock for any serious cutting chores.

Next review: back to Spyderco and a more serious blade 🙂

Sorry about the lens flare

It was supposed to be a rudolph-esque effect. I have no idea how to do a convincing red lens flare.

Anyway, next year should bring some new additions to the House. I saw some distinctly small rectangular boxes under the tree. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: I’ll sneak in one non-spyderco blade before the year is out.

In the House, 2003 style

It was about time to do another group photo (Hat tip: KBR for Spyderco forums for motivating me)

There are some new additions, and hopefully they will multiply in 2004!

New capture mechanism!

I got a new camera. (early Christmas for Rorschach in more ways than one)
Some test pics from the new beast…

My usual EDC

My new Arc AA (& friends)

Keychain companion from Nippon


So far so good. I like it… review to follow.

Diminutive, reliable, high performance

I was in serious danger of going too mainstream with my last few posts, so:

Smallest…! Blade…! Ever…!

This was another Ebay impulse bid, (surprise, you won!) got it extremely cheap. The scales are titanium, and the steel is ATS-34, chain is sterling silver. This little lady can cut. I opened some mail, severed some tape on boxes, chopped down a fallen maple tree (ok not that last one.)

Here she is with big brother.

Nice bug stamp.

I’m not a jewelry kinda guy, so this is a collectible, (and the missus simply frowned at the idea she wear it). But I may wear it from time to time as secret homage.