Monthly Archives: September 2003

2nd Forum

Second forum knife for the year, another in blue FRN. The Native was my first larger spyder, so it hold a special place in my heart.

This one has been redesigned in a “3D” fashion, adding more ergo comforts and styling.

A wire clip relaces the old-school flat clip.

This new design has some nice features, like the rounded texture on the top for thumb rest.

I always liked how the Native has no hump to accomodate the hole.

And new to this edition: the maker’s mark.



I travel a lot. In my recent visit to Japan I came upon these 2 guys, bronze castings of 2 gods. They each weight about as much as a meteorite.

The one on the left is DAIKOKU: [quoted from a shinto and buddhist web page]

“The god of wealth and farmers, Daikoku usually wears a hood and stands on bales of rice, carrying a large sack of treasure slung over his shoulder and holding a small magic mallet. Daikoku is also the deity of the kitchen and provider of food. Of Indian origin, he is identified with the mythic Shinto figure Okuninushi no Mikoto. The lucky mallet in his right hand (uchide nokozuchi) is similar to the Greek cornucopia. This horn of plenty can magically produce anything desired when struck. Some Japanese say that coins fall out when he shakes his mallet. Others say that believers are granted their desires by tapping a symbolic mallet on the ground three times and making a wish.”

The other jolly fellow is HOTEI:
“The god of contentment and happiness, Hotei has a cheerful face and a big belly. He carries a large bag over his back, one that never empties, for he uses it to feed the poor and needy. He also holds a fan called an oogi (said to be a “wish giving” fan — in the distant past, this type of fan was used by the aristocracy to indicate to vassals that their requests would be granted). Hotei is based on an eccentric Chinese Zen beggar priest, said to be an incarnation of the Bodhisattva Miroku (Maitreya in Sanskrit; also known as Buddha of the Future). In China, he is referred to as Me Li Fa, Budai or Putai. ”


If you collect usable stuff like knives and flashlights, you learn that for various models there are different advantages for different jobs. People often wonder what different size lights can output. Here’s one small example.

In order left to right: new Arc AAA (LED, single aaa cell), ARC LSL-S (second, LED, 1 CR123 cell), old maglite 2D (incand, tight focus spot), Brinkmann Legend LX (incand. 2 CR123 cells), Surefire L4 (LED, 2 CR123 cells). The new L4 is smaller than you might think, LED powered, and yet it is capable of stunning someone in the dark.

Steel ‘Fly + Trap

Another dragonfly, too good to pass up on Ebay.

But this time, since the price is so low and the form factor so small, that we opt for the custom kydex rig to carry on neck chain/belt clip. The rig was inexpensive and great service. Email me for the recommendation.

The steel is “better” than the FRN version, which has never failed me. Always nice to have another option for discrete carry.

The stainless steel handle gives the knife heft that is missing in the frn version.