Monthly Archives: July 2003

the Pilgrimage Report

And now, my full photo-essay on my trip to the SFO.

The flight to Denver was pleasant, the scenery is some of the best the Western United States has to offer.

The SFO is located in a strip mall, fairly unassuming but right off the freeway. The first thing displayed facing front is the World Trade Center knife.

Cool posters adorn the walls…

and lots and lots of showcases.

hawkbills, s-curves, and millies oh my

SS jesters and salsas

Delicas variety

Rescues, police, and more…

Maddox and Ronin…

and the rest…

Naked native. Here’s how a lockback works.

In all a fun way to kill an hour. My prize was a combo-edge military model in S30V steel. But more on that one later


Ain’t no such thing as a free knife, son.

Is it a warning sign when your favorite knife company sends you a free knife as a gift?

A green jester, serrated. Just for me.

My wife calls it “the alligator.”
Although it looks more like a cayman to me.

Nice mate to my blue jester from Japan.

…unless that claw is the famous Mr. Claw

(apologies for the obscure title reference, college-days) Spyderhawk. Plain edge, blue FRN handle.

I probably won’t carry this one much. It’s big. Bigger than it looks. The blade barely fits in the handle.

I can imagine it would be a great sailing knife for cutting rope. Perhaps… gardening as well. Years ago when I de-tassled corn every summer, we would begin the season by culling the hybrid-mutant corn from the field. We called it “rogue-ing” i.e. eliminating the rogue stalks. The tool used for this was the “rogueing stick.” Wicked hook for pulling corn down at the base, as well as a flat blade on top for thrust cuts. Very strange to arm dozens of kids with long medieval weapons and send them all out into corn fields. Fond memories.

Anyway, good old #009.

The good folks in Colorado sent me a tie-tack/pin gratis. Now I can wear it and people will wonder if I belong to some obscure entomological club.

White Balance Lesson

I went out and purchased a 5000 degree Kelvin light for my home made lightbox. $9. Checkit. Expect much nicer pics from this site.



Dana Point

We went to the beach to see fireworks. This is actually a crappy 1 second exposure from my Nikon braced against the ground. The smoke was against me for this shot.