Monthly Archives: June 2003

Dancin in the streets

OK, I know you were worried. The last 2 entries were decidedly un-spyder. Not to fear. Thank God for Ebay.

The Calypso Jr. They don’t make these anymore, and when you find them they are usually serrated. Same triangular shape as the dragonfly blade.

Gold bug.

Cool fish scales for texturing

I made a new lightbox at home from a plastic crate and an under-cabinet light. Hopefully the white balance is not too blue for ya. Backdrop is a scrap of oak with minwax stain applied.



Peanut and Butterbean. Yellow Delrin. I am, perhaps, in a nostalgic mode.

Mirror polished chrome vanadium blades.

These little guys are fairly cheap compared to most of my spyders. And, a slipjoint has its place when locking blades are forbidden.

Well just shut me up and call me grampa.

You lika da juice? Juice is good, eh?

The passage of father’s day self gratification will lead to a flurry of new entries. Well, er. 2.
Do I really need another multi-tool? Heck no. This one is nice for the saw blade and corkscrew + assist.

I call this the “angry bird” pose.

Photon Emitters

Immersion in the blade world leads (ironically) down the dark road of high performance illuminators. My first purchase was a Surefire E2e plus LED option (KL1).

Very nice, but isnut isn’t there something even smaller ?? ┬áSurely. The ARC LS. Even serial numbered, just like a fine blade.

Highly recommended.

Too expensive you say? No worries, try the ARC AAA, under $20 and runs hours on a single cell. Amazing. Incandescent’s days are numbered.