Monthly Archives: September 2002

The Clipless Gentleman

Working in an office sometimes calls for restraint and stealth. It doesn’t matter how affable you come across to people, if you have a 4″ black knife clipped to your biz-cazh dockers it can be unsettling for some. I work in high tech, and despite the general conception that everyone in Cali is laid back, it can be pretty stressful. Tensions can run high and there is lots of ego to clash. (one of the reasons it’s fun to work in the business as an observer/participant)

This blade was one I knew that I would like, the Kiwi. It was much smaller than I imagined, but the size is excellent. It came shaving sharp from the box and the Wharncliff style blade is perfect for office work. The construction on the knife (fit-and-finish) makes it one of the best that I own. Lock-up is solid, and I really like the retro-jigged-bone scales. The other thing that struck me upon carrying it around is how smooth the whole thing is, how do they get the scales so flush with the ends? Amazing. Must be nice to work in a business that has a physical output. 🙂


Lateral Gear-up

As any hobbyist /addict will tell you, gearing-up is one of the most fun parts of the disease. If you’re like me (we pray not), you’ll ravenously consume all of the content (both canonical and opinion based) on the net as you quest to make the next purchase decision. After a certain point these resources are exhausted; and you admit to yourself that, dammit, you are indeed a fan of the company and you need to read their manifesto. Herein enters the $50-$75 coffee-table book. Oooooh glossy.

This book is well done for several reasons. It mixes design concept insight with lots of technical eye-candy, like these wire-frame patent drawings. If only it were longer, and updated with each new model.